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Road Dogs

A real-time, cross-platform MMORPG that takes place
in the open, seamless world of real Arizona in the 1980s
post-apocalyptic retrofuturism setting.

Beach Volley

A casual mobile arcade game about beach
volleyball with swipe control and customization of characters.

Outrun Miami

A casual drag racing mobile game
in the retro-wave style, set on the coast of Miami
with a variety of tuning and car-styling options.


info@teletowerstudios.com - drop us a line to learn about about jobs and possible cooperation.

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- опыт разработки на C# и/или Unity3D.
- уверенное владение ООП.
- опыт работы с VCS (Mercurial).

- зп от 40000р. до 80000р., в зависимости от опыта.
- возможность и время на обучение Unity.